Overall Score

2. In general, how do you estimate usability of Exhibitor Directory? 
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Exhibitor Directory features

3. Please rank the usability of the Exhibitor Directory features you have experience with.
Please rank with the scale from 1 (completely unhandy) to 5 (absolutely handy)
Topics1 - completely unhandy2345 - absolutely handy
Exhibitor Filter feature menu on the left
Search bar at the top of Exhibitor Directory page
Searching through Products gallery
4. Please mark if you haven't heard about some of the features until this moment. 
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Your Comments

5. Indicate comments about the service you're agree and disagree with. 
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I found the information I needed at exhibitors' profiles
I find it convenient to use Exhibitor Directory from a mobile device
The logic of the service is obvious to me
I noticed relevant exhibitors displayed as "Visitors who viewed this company also viewed" 
The service helped me to find interesting exhibitors
I find it convenient to use the service
I haven't met technical difficulties during my experience with the Exhibitor Directory
The service helped me to understand the way to find exhibitors during the show

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