What is your main reason for visiting the BEA Web site?
Considering attending BEA
Want to register to attend BEA
Currently registered to attend, need to plan my visit to BEA
Considering exhibiting at BEA
We’re a BEA exhibitor, need to plan our participation
Looking for general BEA information (e.g. opening times, location etc.)
Looking for BEA Conference information
Looking for Author events and autographing

Did you find what you were looking for?
No (please tell us what you were looking for): 

Please rate the following statements:
Strongly Agree Agree Neither Agree nor Disagree Disagree Strongly Disagree N/A
The BEA Web site was easy to navigate
The content and information contained on the BEA Web site
was useful
The BEA Web site had a lot of information and I felt lost
The categories of information made sense to me (e.g. Exhibits and Author Events,
Conference & Education, Rights & Licensing, For Exhibitors etc.)

How can the BEA Web site be improved?

Have you previously attended BEA?

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